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Welcome to the blog page on our new Marin Hotels website!  Please check this page from time to time to find out about events and happenings at Waters Edge Hotel and Tiburon.

Duxiana Beds are Here!

Our long awaited time for Duxiana beds is finally here!  A crew of 15, on the 24th of July, replaced all of our beds with Duxiana, pillow-top beds.  Duxiana is a premier brand in the bedding industry and we are very proud to be the only hotel in the western United States, which carries their beds.  Some of our comments so far have been ".. the most comfortable sleep in my life," (from an Octogenarian), and  "your beds are sooooo comforrable."  If you'd like to know more about how great these beds are, visit Duxiana Beds.  Come and try one for yourself!